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Creating your dream relationship is a journey of finding safety in love. That's why I've put together a 3 day Masterclass to help you in that exploration.

It's my gift to you and you can get access to it right now.
Creating your dream relationship is a journey of finding safety in love. That's why I've put together a 3 day Masterclasss to help you in that exploration.

It's my gift to you and you can get access to it right now.
Katrin with Love
Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear
Are You Ready For
The Love Life Of Your Dreams?
Welcome to the space where powerful women feel supported in carrying out their soul's work with integrity, pleasure and passion WHILE creating a relationship and love life they once only wished for.
You Are
A Woman With Conviction
You are a powerful woman.

You have risen despite incredibly difficult circumstances and are so proud of yourself for how far you've come!

You've survived private battles while not only holding your life together, but becoming a leader in the arena of your life's work.. And you're humble about it! Still, those who know you well are inspired by your bold embodiment of leadership, elegance and class. Often more so than they admit even to themselves!

In a professional sense, you have bravely taken steps to realize your greatest potential. Whether you decided to break away from the standard way of living from a young age, or your rebellious nature made an appearance a little later in life...
You have grown to be confident that you've got your own back, no matter what.

This doesn't mean you never struggle..

It means you have solidified a sense of confidence in your abilities and feel in control of your circumstances.

Undoubtedly, this took some deep personal growth!

You have largely let go of people pleasing tendencies, have eased your perfectionism and tasted freedom in your mind, body and soul. You have successfully erased much of the familial, societal and cultural conditioning that raised you to be a good girl who doesn't question 'the rules'.

The exciting truth is..
You're more excited than you've ever been about the woman you're becoming!
And still...

The wild, free-spirited life-loving woman inside you sometimes feels distant. 

Some days, you feel suffocated by responsibility!

You crave time for yourself to rest, bask in your creativity, feed your romantic side and pursue your dreams from a place of rapture rather than routine.

You've also noticed that your professional success has stripped you of something else... A state of being you wish you could enjoy more often. 

When you have a glimpse of it, you wish you could stay there forever.. And when you see it embodied by other women, you feel a spark of jealousy that grows unless you dive right back into work again.

What does your soul have a deep craving for?

A fulfilling feeling of carelessness, lightness and play! 

One that the 'alpha woman' identity you have found so much comfort in just doesn't have regular access to.

You see..
Your high level of capacity, awareness, being in control of your life and thriving in your genius zone all these years has made it difficult to surrender.
To find a healthy balance between the put together boss babe part of you and the relaxed, sensual and seductive Goddess. The Goddess within you has been wary about taking centre stage and uncertain as to how to even go about this.


This has made it difficult to surrender to the leadership of a partner.

Hell, it has made it difficult to find a partner who can hold you in your power and not be intimidated by it. A partner who can softy carry you off the emotional merry-go-round that you find yourself on once in a while. A partner who can out-alpha you when necessary then nourish your soul and help you feel totally safe in your softness and eroticism.

You KNOW how sexy it is to be deeply held by another powerful human who is so certain in himself and can guide you both in a direction that feels so right.

You crave to deeply rest in his arms.

You want to find safety in surrender and trust, instead of resorting to patterns of doubt and control of even your man. And if you're in the stage of calling him in, you want that to happen sooner rather than later.

You want to liberate the part of you who trusts so deeply and feels safe no matter what. Knowing that this will breathe joy and excitement back into all areas of your life.

With all of these experiences under your belt, you know that..
It's time to let the lover and muse within see the light of day and find safety in her vulnerability. 
It's time to transform your wealth of knowledge into wisdom by bringing your power into the realm of love and relationships.

It's time to let go of the layers that have protected your heart all these years, yet kept your joy behind lock and key.

It's time to embody the full collection of treasures within that make you authentically you, including the gems that represent the archetypes that haven't had a chance to come out in their full expression.
It's your time to turn the dial down on..
The caregiver

The one who finds fulfillment in putting the needs of others before her own.. It's time to let go of the resentment and bitterness she has built up.
The sage

The one who is organized, resourceful and practical. Who is ruled by her head rather than her heart and has trouble connecting to her body and senses. It's time to heal the wounds of being perceived as uptight or 'too serious'.
The huntress/warrior

The one who is independent and lives life on her own terms. Who pursues her goals with laser focus and has the vibe of a woman on a mission who moves forward with dominance. It's time to heal the wounds that have made her deeply afraid of expressing vulnerability. 
It's time to turn up the heat on..
The lover

The slow, sensual and wildly magnetic part of you who embodies a deep presence and is in touch with her body and sexuality. The one who invites others to indulge and delight in their senses and to feel comfortable in their own skin.
The queen

The part of you who is the embodiment of a strong, confident, loyal and devoted feminine leader, often connected to an equally powerful partner. The one who is fulfilled in building her legacy AND her partnership.
The mystic

The part of you who carries the energy of an old soul and is drawn to spiritual pursuits. The one who is introspective, intuitive and believes deeply in the unseen magic of life... Who is less encumbered by the demands of the ego and is frequently drawn to unconventional lifestyles and relationships.
While finding your unique balance in..
The maiden/innocent

The part of you who carries a refreshing aura of romanticism, purity and child-like wonder. The one who believes that people act with the same sincerity and purity of intention. Though this creates a perspective of the glass being half full, this part must be careful of not falling victim to blind obedience, exploitation or developing a victim mentality.

All in all..

It's time to fall in love with all parts of yourself, in the balance that makes you feel most YOU..

It's time to let all parts of you shine in their full force and greatest expression.

It's time to liberate yourself and your joy.

It's time to live out all areas of your life with power, passion AND play. Work and relationship included!

With open-arms, it's time to welcome..
The Liberated & In Love Woman.
Hi, I'm Katrin
My guess is that your 24/7 rollercoaster ride between highs and heartbreak has led you here. Your disappointment in the knight-in-shining-armour that those fairy tales promised... The all-is-good-on-the-surface-but-something-is-missing-in-my-life cry for help that has been building up inside you. A longing for the life and freedom you desire, but have at times doubted you deserve...

I applaud you for your bravery with trusting yourself and following the breadcrumb trail here. And I welcome you to your liberation and love life makeover!

I am here to support you in building your legacy WHILE enjoying the relationship and love life of your dreams. Yes! The one in which you get to soften and surrender. 

Here's to your perfect balance of purpose, intimacy and rest!

This space is infused with incredible resources that can help you consciously create your most fulfilling life (a bold claim, I know!). I invite you on a beautiful journey together.
Your Path To Feeling
Liberated & In Love
Embodying your glowing and irresistible self starts with finding safety in love
Before you can create the relationship of your dreams, it's key to zoom out and consider your relationship to love itself. Coming back to the basic need for safety sounds simple, right? It has been anything but for most of us! That's why safety in love is where we start. Safety in vulnerability. Safety in expression. 

I invite you to take a closer look at how your early life experiences shaped how you show up in your relationships (and more intimately, in the bedroom!). 

This 3 day Masterclass will support you in that exploration. It's my gift to you and you can get access to it right now.
Value: Absolutely Priceless
Safety In Love is FREE
This 3 Day Masterclass is THE most deep one we've ever had, full of incredibly relatable and raw stories about love and life. Don't be surprised if it feels like a spiritual awakening of sorts - a 'coming back home' to YOUR authentic self.
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