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Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear
Hi, My Name Is Katrin
Here’s A Recap Of My Journey...
Back in the day, if you told me I'll be helping people live a life full of play and pleasure...

I would have created an excel spreadsheet outlining why you must have me confused with someone else. On the top of that list would be the #1 reason why this career change wasn’t for me...

I wasn’t living a truly fun or fulfilling life myself! And some days, my experience of painful sex (vaginismus in particular, a type of panic attack in my vagina) plus the disconnection to men that came with that had me convinced I never would.

Oh so much has changed!
What Do We Have In Common?

Katrin lived life in a very logical, left-brained, structured way...

She was a trained perfectionist, which went hand in hand with becoming a high performer, a 'go-getter', an 'alpha woman'.

Following the well-trodden, safe path her sister took, she too became a designated Chartered Professional Accountant... Which was just as wonderful as it was soul sucking!

As she climbed the corporate ladder and tried to hide her pelvic pain under the rug, she avoided making self-care a priority...

And if she indulged in sexual pleasure for a little while, she was just reminded that her body was betraying her! On top of that, her inner voice said, "You should be doing something productive right now". Taking a break meant she was falling behind.

To put vaginismus in her past and step into her erotic power, she engaged in a journey of emotional healing. Of relinquishing control, finding safety in her body and surrendering to the unknown. She accessed the messy, free and wild part of herself that had been buried deep inside... She allowed her vulnerability and softness to be a source of joy, strength AND productivity! She started to enjoy relaxation. She started to play!

Even though she ranked as a top performer at the largest Big 4 accounting firm in the world, she resigned once she realized that her purpose was to be a light in the darkness for women experiencing a private pain, whether with their bodies, relationships or sex lives.

Now, she finds joy in helping YOU create the relationship of your dreams and an amazing love life... Because you deserve to feel loved and utterly alive!
Would you like Katrin to be your guide in your love life makeover?
As any personal growth journey does, this transformation involves emotional, mental AND physical shifts. That holistic approach is what's missing for people often.

Click below if you'd like to discover what the adventure together can look like...
More On Vaginismus, A Panic Attack In My Vagina

I wanted to beat vaginismus, but my unconscious mind and my body didn't cooperate for years. 

From the age of 18 to 22, penetration meant sharp and unexplainable pain. I either put up a wall making it impossible to let my partner in, intercourse was too painful to continue, or I tolerated the torture to the extreme of silent tears.

Sure, the fun in foreplay was fantastic, but I started to loathe where it was leading...

Do you know what I mean?

Throughout my 23rd year of life, I was still searching for the drive to fool around sexually.

Although I didn't have a group of people to confide in who could relate, I often got lucky with loving and supportive partners. Most knew about my struggles, while with others I foolishly chose to pretend I was okay.

I was embarrassed to share my secret with more people than absolutely necessary....

At the same time, I was desperately motivating myself to remain calm and stay positive.

After going down many different paths looking for a solution, finding disappointment at every turn, things eventually clicked.
At 24, I achieved pain free sex! My expectation of pain was replaced with excitement to explore the variety in intimacy.

I started communicating my desires, welcoming the fun that came with penetration and taking an active role in the bedroom.

I found freedom and it was so worth it!

I survived the rollercoaster ride that I once thought would last forever...

I travelled from the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced... Through the confusion, embarrassment and guilt... and finally arrived at the joy of unconstrained sexual fun.

Now I'd like to support you in doing the same.

And because I know it's way harder going through it alone, I created a community to help you confidently walk along YOUR path to sexual freedom.
Me. Why Me?
This isn't about me. 

So I'm not going to tell you all about why you should choose me to support you in your journey to being Liberated In Love. But the question stands. "Why me, damn it?" And I bet YOU've been asking it. Almost every day.

How do I know? I found myself lying in bed, contemplating the reason for my misery. I was giving in to feelings of sadness. Frustration. Pain.

"Why did this happen to me?"

"What did I do wrong?!"

"This isn't fair."

Being the odd one out, like a bystander in the game of relationships or sex... It sucks, to say it lightly.

It's not your fault. None of it is. Unfortunately, you have the cards you were dealt...
But now you get to choose how to play them. You CAN take control of your circumstances and become stronger than ever. 

For yourself. For your experience of dating. For your lover, boyfriend, or husband. For your confidence. For your sanity. 

For your happiness?

Only you have the power to overcome this. To choose to see this stage of your life as just that. A stage. In the grand scheme of things, this is a sliver of time in which you get to pick respect, joy and love for yourself.

Your freedom awaits. Your resilience will get you there.

You CAN take action.

You can put yourself first and discover an intimate new world of possibilities. 

Why you?

I don't know why. But I know you can get through this.

Will you take a step in the direction of change?
But Really, What ARE Your Qualifications?
I love that you’re being cautious in your journey by asking this question. 

After all, you've got to make sure that who you engage to help along the way is the best possible option for you! You have always deserved the highest quality of support and shouldn't need to deal with any more challenges than are already present by the very nature of your relationship or sexual challenges...
I am not a therapist by profession.
I started sharing online from my own 6 year experience of vaginismus, from trying PIV sex for the first time to the moment it was pain-free. And of course my growth with actually creating a deeply fulfilling sex life as well as finding my erotic confidence continued from there. 

What does eroticism have to do with it? Naturally, we have all grown up in a shame-steep culture around sex and pleasure, and this has had a large impact on how we were conditioned to show up in our relationships and as women in the world. Though our medical system unfortunately misses to address the elephant in the room, celebrating eroticism is a crucial piece of the puzzle to fulfilling relationships and pleasurable penetrative sex!

Knowing that I would have done anything to help my younger self if I only could, made the decision to steer away from my career in the corporate world, dissolve the image of a 'put together business woman' and get real on how much stress I was holding in my body. And made it my mission to change the narrative for you!

So I set out to learn a ton about healing in the context of emotional trauma, physical relaxation, relationships, pleasure and sex!
Most importantly, I experienced all that I would one day teach in my own body... 
Even after taking this professional leap of faith, I was presented with relationship challenges that only continued my REAL-ationships bootcamp. In hindsight, I realized that I attracted wonderful but equally wounded men who thankfully paved the way to my deeper understanding of human behaviour, the psychology of relating, the mind to body connection, the role of our nervous systems and the impact of trauma in our lives... 

Other than nerding out on the theory, I discovered and was the guinea pig for more healing modalities than I can remember. 

That led me to training as a TRE® Provider and PSYCH-K® Practitioner to help with tension and trauma release, down-regulating the nervous system and subconscious healing - all amazing practices and tools to support you in building the foundations to your liberation. Today, I consider myself well-versed in trauma informed care and call myself a guide in being Liberated In Love.

And still..
I recognize that there is no magic pill to you feeling glowing, happy and confident again.
My commitment is to guide you in your unique path to your liberation, honouring your personal pace for change. 

I don't pretend to have all the answers, as I hated when my doctors did this (largely to protect their own ego)... I'm not afraid to say 'I don't know' or suggest other specialized professionals and you can bet it's my priority to find the light and answers in the darkness and confusion!

As for my own growth, so far it is has led me to shedding many layers of conditioning, pain, and protective mechanisms that no longer serve me.. To revealing my authentic self and feeling a sense of personal power, confidence and excitement like never before! 

And voila, my inner clarity resulted in letting go of a relationship that was slowly putting out my fire and later in meeting the man who seemingly held my heart all along. To creating an incredible relationship together despite the next round of unique challenges we faced.
I now consider myself a guide on the journey of creating your dream relationship and being Liberated In Love! 
I confidently lead you through the path that I myself have taken, whether specifically through vaginismus or more broadly through relationship challenges...

My biggest accomplishment is to have helped you find the love of your life and reignite the spark in your relationships - with a level of connection, trust and play that you had almost given up on. Sexually, to have celebrated your first orgasm, saying goodbye to sexual pain and also getting pregnant after years of struggle with conception. To have been right by your side as you've transitioned from a love life that brought you pain and disappointment into a connection rooted in safety, curiosity and pleasure.. Now enjoying a relationship that you are finally excited about, also to share with your girlfriends with pride!

In general, I am ecstatic to be guiding women into feeling glowing, happy and confident again! 

I invite you on that journey and arm yourself with my support. And if taking this leap of faith together doesn't resonate for you, you too are on the right track! I’m a big believer that everyone will find the best fitted path for them.
This Is What People Who Have Worked With Katrin In Other Realms Are Saying
"Her ability to stay calm and inspire others"

"I think a trait really unique to Katrin is her ability to stay calm and inspire others under even the toughest and most demanding situations. I found that whenever I’ve worked with her over the last two years she has always had an attitude that communicated that she knew what she was doing and that everything was going to be okay. During a project when everyone was freaking out at times, she always seemed calm and composed. This helped and inspired me." - J.
"She puts care into everything she does"

"Katrin has many unique capabilities, but to name one I believe it would be caring. She puts care into everything she does. When I required coaching on the work assigned to me she put in the effort to ensure I completely understood in such a way that was both motivating and informative. I honestly believe that the care and dedication that Katrin puts into both her work and building relationships with others is what she naturally does better than most people. She has left a lasting impression on me due to her care and excitement for life!" - M.
"Katrin is a natural teacher"

"I think Katrin is a natural teacher. It seems that she loves teaching and coaching. She's very patient and takes her time to explain things clearly and thoroughly." - M.
"She is a very honest and deep person"

"I think her unique capability is that she is a very honest and deep person, as cheesy as that sounds. I think it is something that is becoming more rare and Katrin can easily open up with people and have them do the same to her, with much less effort than others." - F.
"Those around her don't feel judged"

"I believe that Katrin has an incredible ability to keep an open mind in many situations. I haven't had a time yet when she did not listen to my or others' point of view first before stating her opinion. Not many people have this open-mindedness skill, as it is difficult to hear someone out while already having a set opinion on a topic. With this ability, those around her don't feel judged and instead feel comfortable to share many things with her." - Y.
"Can always engage in a meaningful and memorable conversation"

"I would say her unique ability would be mediating and communicating with a huge variety of personalities and professions. No matter who she's in a room with, she can always engage in a meaningful and memorable conversation, which makes her very empathetic and a very good mediator." - N.
"I've never seen her dwell on a negative aspect"

"Katrin is naturally able to give off positive energy and create a more upbeat situation. I’ve never seen her dwell on a negative aspect! This to me is her unique capability. I feel like positivity comes naturally to her." - R.
"Empathetic and compassionate view of the world and others"

"Her unique capability in my opinion is that she is able to combine logical and quantitative intelligence with an empathetic and compassionate view of the world and others. Most people tend to lean much more on one side but Katrin has strengths in both. What she does naturally better than others I would say is taking in information (listening) and applying both a logical and empathetic solution (advice)." - E.
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